10 Best beaches in Las vegas

Las Vegas is situated in the middle of the desert. You might be thinking how a city in the middle of the desert can have beaches. Though, indeed, you will not find any ocean or sea in Las Vegas, it still offers several beach clubs, lakes, pools and waterfalls. You can read our complete blog if you are looking for the best Las Vegas Beaches. In the blog, we mentioned the 10 best beaches in Las Vegas that you must explore. Along with beaches in Vegas, the city is also known for glamorous casinos, exciting nightlife, and top-notch entertainment. To know more, go through the complete blog.

1. Lake Las Vegas Marina

It is a perfect spot to enjoy away from your busy life. The lake is private, but the marine area is open to the public all year for swimming and water activities. Lake Las Vegas Marina is located in Henderson, Nevada, within the Lake Las Vegas resort community. When you visit this beach, you will get an opportunity to paddleboard, kayak, and rent motorised watercraft. There are several fests and events hosted on this Vegas beach that entice travellers from all over the world.

2. Mandalay Bay Beach

If we have to recommend one place that you must visit, we would name Mandalay Bay Beach. It is one of the best kid-friendly resorts in Las Vegas. The waves come at a height of 12 feet, which makes them feasible for surfing. The beach offers a peculiar and expansive artificial beach ambience.

In the daytime, the beach transforms into a vibrant scene with pool parties, DJ performances, and a festive atmosphere. For dining, there are beachside bars, restaurants, and cafes, allowing visitors to have a memorable culinary experience while enjoying the beach sports.

3. Voodoo Beach

Situated at the Rio Hotel and Casino, Voodoo Beach is one the rarest in Las Vegas, where you can feel sand beneath your feet. It is designed as a Brazilian-style swimming spot. There are four swimming pools, 5 Jacuzzi whirlpool spas and waterfalls for the visitors to explore. The tropical ambience on the beach, with the presence of palm trees, hammocks, and fruity cocktails, is unlike any other in the city.

4. Laguna Beach

If you want to enjoy the stunning view of the Sea, you can head on to Laguna Beach. However, it is not located in Las Vegas specifically. You need to travel around 5 hours to reach Laguna Beach from Las Vegas. The beach is a famous spot for surfers. The Pageant of the Masters is a unique art show celebrated on Laguna Beach that visitors should attend during their visit to the beach in Las Vegas. 

5. Tao Beach

Tao Beach is one of the most celebrated pools and day clubs located at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will get a vibrant daylife experience on this Vegas beach with music, entertainment, and a party ambience. On the night, keep your party going in the Tao nightclub, or you can go for dinner at The Venetian’s atmospheric on-site restaurant.

6. Tahiti Village Resort

Tahiti Village in Las Vegas is a South Pacific-themed resort that offers travellers a tropical escape just off the famous Las Vegas Strip. In the resort, you can explore lush landscapes, a river, waterfalls and a sandy beach pool. Visitors can relax in the pools, unwind in the hot tubs, or enjoy the full-service spa. Tahiti Village Beach in Las Vegas provides a unique blend of relaxation and excitement for those seeking an unforgettable experience.

7. The Beach Club Pool

Don’t forget to book the cabana before heading to The Beach Club Pool in Vegas. The pool area here is best for those who want to enjoy it with their family. You will see interconnected lagoons in The Beach Club Pool, surrounded by waterfalls, tropical plants, and palm trees. Sports Enthusiasts also get the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball and various other water sports on this Vegas beach.

8. Grand Pool Complex

The Grand Pool Complex at MGM Grand in Las Vegas is famous for its luxurious looks and recreational activities. Spanning around 6.5 acres, it consists of four pools, whirlpools, and a lazy river. Grand Pool Complex, in the list of 10 Best beaches in Las Vegas, is surrounded by lush tropical landscapes and cabanas. The pool complex provides a serene escape for relaxation. Visitors can enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of the Wet Republic Ultra Pool, which is known for its lively pool parties with world-class DJs.

9. Cowabunga Canyon Water Park

The place is considered the number one destination for Summers in Nevada. Cowabunga Canyon Water is located on two sites: Cowabunga Canyon in Summerlin and Cowabunga Bay in Henderson. If you want to explore both sites, you don’t need to take a separate pass. With one pass, you can take entry to both sites and enjoy the pools, water slides, raft rides, etc.

10. Boulder Beach at Lake Mead

Last but not least, Boulder Beach at Lake Mead offers a beautiful retreat within the stunning Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It is located on the shores of the large lake. This sandy beach provides visitors with a perfect weekend getaway just a short drive from Las Vegas. With its crystal-clear waters and mesmerising surroundings, Boulder Beach is an ideal spot for water enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What’s the closest beach to Las Vegas?

A. Laguna Beach in California is the closest beach to Las Vegas.

Q. What is the name of the beach in Las Vegas?

A. There are 10 beaches we named in the article with proper description. You can read the complete article for more details.

Q. Do any hotels in Vegas have a beach?

A. Mandalay Bay Beach in Las Vegas is a hotel with a beach.

Q. Which California city is closest to Vegas?A. Barstow, San Bernardino County is the closest city to Vegas.

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