Discover the Best Trekking Destinations in the World

Are you also someone who loves exploring nature and walking on diverse terrains and steep slopes to witness some breathtaking views? If yes, then how about a hiking holiday? Interesting, right?

Here are the 12 best trekking destinations in the world that’ll allow you to explore a whole new world of adventure and thrill. 

List of World-famous trekking places

  1. Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal 

Nothing compares to the thrill of trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. However, this trek also happens to be one of the most difficult trek that you’d experience. After landing in Lukla, and climbing for a day, the trip ahead in of 4000 meters. Hereupon, there’s an elevation gain of around 8215 feet which is quite challenging since you already begin at 9,383 feet. But, if you go all slow and steady, this climb is all worth the struggle. 

Best time to trek: February to May and November to December

Total Duration: 12 days

  1. Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile 

If you want to witness majestic glaciers surrounded by snowy peaks and a mesmerizing teal-blue lagoon with a reflection of mountains, then head over to Torres del Paine. It’s one of the top hiking trails in Patagonia. While setting out for the trek, make sure to carry food, tents, and other camping equipment as it’s a tough terrain and you’d need a place to rest and re-energize yourself.  

Best time to trek: June to August 

Total Duration: 5 days

  1. El Camino De Santiago, Spain

El Camino De Santiago, also known as Route of Saint James has been a rite for serious trekkers. What’s interesting to know about this trial is that there are eight different starting points from France, Portugal, and Spain that can take you to Santiago de Compostela, the end of the trek. 

Best time to trek: April to October, May, July to September 

Total Duration: Approx. 7 days

  1. Laya Trek, Bhutan 

Laya trek is one of the most beautiful trekking places you’ll get to witness in Bhutan. And the best part is that you’ll hardly find it busy. The trail takes you along the Tibetan border through the rivers, and high passes ending up with the Laya village at last. Note that there’s a tourism fee of $200 that you’ll need to pay to enter the country. 

Best time to trek: April to June, September to November 

Total Duration: 4 days

  1. John Muir Trail, United States 

John Muir Trail runs 221 miles across Sierra Nevada, California. The passage walks you through lush green valleys and views of beautiful alpine meadows. Hereupon, you’ll come across six mountain passes with the highest one reaching 14,000 feet. Most part of the trail is easy to hike and accomplish. 

Best time to trek: June to August 

Total Duration: 22 days

  1. Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Adam’s Peak is a spiritual pilgrimage that attracts pilgrims and trekkers from all around the world. It is believed that Adam first stepped his foot here when he was cast to earth from heaven. Start your journey in the middle of the night to experience the best sunrise view on the top. 

Best time to trek: Pilgrimage starts from December to May, however you can visit any time of the year 

Total Duration: 2 days

  1. Routeburn Track, New Zealand

Routeburn Track is one of the most popular treks in New Zealand. The trail takes you to the highest point at 1,255 meters whereupon you’ll get to witness some breathtaking scenic views. However, bagging a slot for this trail is the hardest part. Hence, ensure making your bookings for campsites and lodges well in advance. 

Best time to trek: Any time of the year

Total Duration: 2 days

  1. Mount Fuji, Japan

The trek to Japan’s highest mountain is one exciting experience. Mount Fuji is an active volcano that is regarded as one of Japan’s most sacred and iconic sites. Standing at a height of 12,388 feet, it features a steep yet easy-to-trek slope. Every year, around 300,000 people climb Mount Fuji, and this includes everyone from experienced to beginner trekkers. 

Best time to trek: July to early September

Total Duration: 2 Days

  1. Pukaskwa Coastal Trail, Canada

Pukaskwa Coastal Trial is one of the most underrated hiking routes that is often overshadowed by the West or East Coast trails on Vancouver Island. The trek can be two way round or you can opt for the boat to North Swallow whereupon there’s a trek of 60km up the trail. Meanwhile, make sure to carry enough food and water and if you’re not sure enough about the route, consider hiring a guide.

Best time to trek: May to September and June to August

Total Duration: 6 days 

  1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a beautiful trek along the coast of the Italian Riviera. If you’re a newbie to trekking and are looking to get started, this 1-day hike will be perfect to begin with. On the way, you can even hop on to some tasty food and wine. 

Best time to trek: Anytime of the year, especially the spring and fall season

Total Duration: 1 day

  1. Headhunter’s Trail and Pinnacles, Borneo

Headhunter’s Trail and Pinnacles of Borneo is one of the best trekking destinations that looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. The trek involves everything from traveling upriver, jungle trekking, and night stay at the Iban longhouse. 

Best time to trek: Dry season

Total Duration: 3 days

  1. Snowman Trek, Bhutan

If you’re up for some real drill then Snowman Trek makes for the perfect choice to set out on a challenging adventure. It is considered the world’s hardest trek as it requires spending 25 days at sky-high altitudes. Hence, make sure to take on the challenge only if you are a brave, seasoned trekker without any concerning health conditions. 

Best time to trek: June to October

Total Duration: 25 days

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

Q. Which is the best place for trekking in the world?

A. Along with the above-mentioned places, Paro (Bhutan), Annapurna Base Camp (Nepal), Nandi Hills (Karnataka), and Mount Kinabalu (Borneo) are some of the best places for trekking in the world. 

Q. Which is India’s highest trekking spot?

A. Stok Kangri trek in the Ladakh region is the highest trekking peak in India. 

Q. What is the highest trek in the world?

A. Aconcagua is the highest trekking peak in the world. 

Q. Which country is hiking most popular?A. Countries like Switzerland, New Zealand, and Nepal are most popular for hiking.

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