How to Wish Safe Travels in Italian?

Planning a trip to Italy? While you pack your bags to head on the travel expedition, make sure to learn a few local phrases to use during your journey. Herein, one most common and important phrases to know is how to wish someone safe travels in Italian.

This blog will help you learn about different ways in which you can wish and greet people in a different land. Using these phrases will not only help showcase your respect for the local culture and traditions but also help build meaningful connections with the people you come across. So, let’s get started with the learning.

5 Travel Wishes in Italian 

Here are some easy Italian phrases that you can use in your conversations.

Buon Viaggio (Good trip) 

The go-to phrase to wish a good and safe trip is Buon Viaggio. It’s a beautiful and simple way to convey your well-wishes for a journey. Buon Viaggio is a common and versatile phrase used by both Italians and visitors traveling to Italy. 

Viaggi sicuri (Safe travels) 

If you want to wish someone a safe traveling experience in Italian, Viaggi sicuri is the phrase you should know. It conveys a genuine sense of care and concern for the person you’re addressing. More so, the contractions like viaggi instead of tu viaggi add more depth to the phrase making it sound more friendly and easy to pronounce.

Che tu possa viaggiare in sicurezza (May you travel safely)

 This popular phrase is used to wish some a safe and secure journey. Herein, the verb possa (may) particularly addresses the person setting out for a journey; while the phrase viaggiare in sicurezza (travel safely) underlines the message of reaching the destination all safe and sound – without any mishaps. 

Che tu possa tornare sano e salvo (May you return safe and sound) 

One common way to wish some a safe and sound journey is by saying Che tu poss tornare sano e salvo. Herein, che tu possa depicts the hope and wish for some specific output, while tornare sano e salvo emphasizes the expectations of getting back in a safe condition. 

So, when you’re bidding someone off, be it a friend or a fellow traveler, use this phrase to express your concern and well wishes.

Arrivederci e viaggia sicuro (Goodbye and travel safely)

Wishing Arrivederci e viaggia sicuro is a heartfelt way to wish someone while parting ways and embarking on a new journey. It’s a very common phrase used in Italy to bid someone farewell and send them off with good wishes for a safe journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. How to safely travel to Italy?

A. There are no such jotted guidelines if you’re wondering how safe is travel in Italy. All you need is to make sure to be aware of your surroundings, follow all the necessary precautions, and reach out for help whenever and wherever necessary. 

Q. What do I need to prepare for a trip to Italy?

A. Make all the required bookings well in advance be it hotels, rentals, or any other specific activity you’d like to enjoy therein. Besides this, double-check your passport and all the other required documents before heading out for dispersal. 

Q. What to be careful of in Italy?

A. Here’s a list of things to be careful of in Italy:

  • Avoid tipping the servers as it’s not a customary practice in Italy.
  • Don’t forget to validate your train ticket.
  • Never drink alcohol on the streets.

Q. Is Italy very expensive?

A. A trip to Italy will cost you anywhere around $75-328 USD. But what’s important to note here is that these prices are highly influenced by your choice of accommodation, transportation, food, and entertainment. 

Q. Can I wear leggings in Italy?

A. Yes, you can wear leggings in Italy. 

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